*** We’re brand new April 2017, so please be sure to tell all of your friends and favorite camps about us so we can quickly build out the biggest and best worldwide soccer camp community possible. With your help, it won’t take long! ***


Soccercamps.com’s concept was conceived several years ago by former players, parents, coaches and soccer enthusiasts. It finally launched in April of 2017 to serve parents, players, coaches, clubs, municipalities, educational institutions, camp organizers and more, in a single, logical, easy-to-remember location. We had trouble finding camps and training online, so we figured when you’re looking for a soccer camp, where else would you think to go but Soccercamps.com?

Our philosophy is simple. It is to provide intuitive and valuable resources to the soccer community for the benefit of coaches, camp administrators, parents, and of course, the players. Ultimately, we believe gameplay around the world is bound to benefit. Anyone offering or seeking any kind of soccer training will find the site worthwhile.

Our services will eliminate the frustration of spending hours searching and comparing multiple web sites trying to find the perfect soccer camp. We will expose coaches to new pools of players. Players will be able to experience varied coaching philosophies, meet new players with unique skills, make new friends and learn varied life lessons. Together, our community will foster opportunities players and coaches never dreamed existed.

Not only will players and parents be able to easily access camps and training, additionally, coaches and camp administrators will save their organizations valuable capital historically spent on promotional campaigns. Also, organizations will gain access to tools that help with overall business development. If you were among the many organizations that spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars last year for camp promotion, then we can help reduce your costs while offering tools that support your overall business. If you are an aspiring coach starting a new camp business, Soccercamps.com provides you with an immediate and cost-effective web presence.

Whether you are a player, coach, parent or casual fan, we’re thankful you are here and encourage you to take advantage of and share our resources!

Best in Soccer,

The Soccercamps.com Team